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Camp Fire

All NEW Fire Pit Construction Permit

All NEW Fire Pit construction after January 1, 2022 within the County of Flagstaff, or any of the Towns/Villages within, require a permit to be approved before construction.

The parameters for these are defined within the County Fire Bylaw, as well as the Fire Bylaw for Towns & Villages.


  1. “Acceptable Fire Pit” means an outdoor receptacle which meets the following specifications: 

i.     a minimum of three (3) meters clearance, measured from the nearest fire pit edge, which is maintained from buildings, property lines, or other combustible material; 

ii.     the fire pit height does not exceed .60 meter when measured from the surrounding grade to the top of the pit opening; 

iii.     the fire pit opening does not exceed 1 meter in width or in diameter when measured from the widest points or outside edges; 

iv.     the fire pit installation has enclosed sides made from bricks, concrete blocks, heavy gauge metal or other non-combustible materials acceptable to the Regional Manager/Fire Chief; 

v.     a spark arrester mesh screen with openings no larger than 1.25 centimeters and constructed of expanded or equivalent non-combustible material, which is used to cover the fire pit opening in a manner sufficient to contain and reduce hazards of airborne sparks;  

vi.     the fire pit is not located over any underground utilities or under any aboveground utility wires; 

vii.     the fire pit is not located in the front yard of a residence; and  

viii.     as may otherwise be determined by the Regional Manager/Fire Chief having regard to health, safety, hazards and risk. 

The link to the Fire Pit Permit:

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